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MTZ Unlimited focuses mainly on showcasing Top Fires stand alone fire pits.  These high quality fire pits are individually handmade and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. They are durable and long-lasting in a variety of environments.  The fire pits are available in natural gas or liquid propane and ignition is either match lit or electronic. Lava rock is included with every pit or fire glass in many colors is availble.  Add a high quality decorative ornament to the burner for an extra level of elegance. Shop stand alone pits below or check out the full catalog for everything available. 

High Quality Stand Alone Fire Pit
High Quality Fire Bowl Water Bowl


High quality fire and water bowls can be added to your pool and plumbed into your filtration system.  These bowls are available in many sizes, shapes, and finishes.  These can be installed as an add on to your existing pool, incorporated into a pool renovation, or added into part of a new pool install.  With electronic ignition the fire can be turned on remotely and also wired into your pool automation system.  Natural gas and liquid propane versions are available.  Look through the full catalog below to see the many options available.


Create true ambiance in your outdoor space by adding high quality gas fire torches to illuminate your walkway or patio.  These mess-free torches have an electronic ignition that can be turned on remotely with ease and even wired into your home automation system.  The high quality torch heads are a hand made work of art offering many different styles available to compliment your outdoor living style.  Look through the full catalog below to see the options available.

High Quality Fire Gas Torch
High Quality Fire Pit Water Fountain


Make your outdoor space unique, by complimenting a water feature with fire.  There are a handful of high quality fire & water fountains that are completely self contained and customizable.  Add colored LED lights in the fountain to illuminate the water at night.  These make great focal points for a business front or patio.  Guests and/or clients will be impressed and drawn to the beauty of these elements of nature combined.

MTZ Unlimited currently showcases a hand full of high quality fire pits that operate on liquid propane and have an access door to store the tank.  Feel free to view the full catalog and ask for a quote.  All fire products are also available in natural gas and with electronic ignition.

top fires fire pit catalog
Top Fires Full Catalog
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