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Bring your backyard to life at night. With LED color lighting you can choose the color you want in your pool and spa for that evening swim.  Let MTZ set you up with the correct light to fit in your existing light niche.  Automated pools have the ability to control the colors from a controller if the light is matched to the system.  

Pentair IntelliBrite Color lights
Top Fires fire/water bowls


With gas burners fire can be added to the pool area.  MTZ can offer fire bowls plumbed into the pool system which will give that fire and waterfall mix that everyone likes.  A fire pit can make a cozy gathering area in the landscape.  Gas torches can easily illuminate a walkway or deck area.  Burner strips can be added to a stone wall or atop a waterfalls.  Check out our Outdoor Living section for more info on fire.


MTZ can install a slide onto your existing pool deck or incorporate one into a deck replacement.  Slides are available in many sizes, shapes, and turns.  We can make sure to set you up with the correct size slide for your pool.

typhoon pool slide
cantilever diving board


Before purchasing a diving board have MTZ come out and measure your pool to see if it is eligible and if so what class diving pool it falls under.  Diving boards come in different classes and need to match the pool for safety.  There are a variety of boards to choose from.


Pool games are great entertainment when family and friends get together.  MTZ can install a basketball hoop or a volleyball net that goes in the pool deck.

basketball hoop and backboard for pool
pool handrails


Whether replacing your old rails or adding in a new one, handrails and ladders are a swimming pool necessity.  Ask MTZ about a different style rail and powder coated rails.

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