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Not Just Any TV Will do

You've spent countless hours, and perhaps even more dollars, creating your outdoor living space. The final defining touch, often the nucleus to your experience, is a television for friends and family to gather around. What many don't realize, is that hoisting up any of the common store-bought televisions (from Walmart, Best Buy, or Target), is equivalent to spending money on a fine-dining experience, only to eat with plastic cutlery. Ordinary, big box store televisions are meant for the indoors only. The fine line of SkyVue outdoor Televisions that we offer are built specifically for your outdoor patio, deck, or poolside.

SkyVue’s new Outdoor Fusion Series brings the best smart technology to the outdoors. Combines high quality Samsung, LG, & AUO displays with Vizio smart electronic systems for an innovative and high-quality product at an affordable price. This new TV boasts a 4K HDR 400-1000 nit bright LED video panel, perfect for shaded outdoor environments.

SkyVue’s weather-proof chassis is built with a powder coated rust-free aluminum body for extreme durability.  The SkyVue Fusion is the only smart outdoor TV in it’s category, containing thousands of apps for different entertainment desires. Built with 20W internal speakers, customers can also choose from an optional 40W or 150W Sound Bar.  All SkyVue Fusion TVs are manufactured and assembled in-house at SkyVue’s 165,000 sq.ft. production and manufacturing facility in South Carolina.

That's right, these durable TV's are all custom made- built to handle weather, and varying degrees of brightness (partial sun, full sun, full shade), and we can deliver them right to your door. #MTZbaby

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