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primo ceramic grills

MTZ Unlimited is proud to offer a fleet of ceramic grills designed to fit everyone's outdoor cooking needs.  Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker. 

primo jack daniels grill
primo grill components
primo grilling searing


Use this configuration for grillingmeatsuch as steaks, chicken breasts, or any foods that benefit from cooking directly over the charcoal fire.

primo grilling roasting


Use direct and indirect cooking zones to grill meat on the direct side, while roasting tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side.

primo bakeing roasting smoking


Use this configuration for indirect cooking such as an oven or smoker. Cook at low to medium temperatures for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat Deflectors/Racks required).

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