Model Number: R-NXG-3250-PS

  • 165,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in the USA
  • Leader in Exceptionally Bright Outdooor Televisions
  • Outstanding durability when exposed to rugged outdoor environments
  • Up to 2x to 10x Brighter
  • 2 year warranty

When viewing TV outdoors, you need all the brightness (nits) you can get! This fact holds true even for shaded and partial sun outdoor applications. Make sure you know the nit rating before purchasing an outdoor TV.


SkyVue Outdoor TV’s is proud to introduce the all-new Full Sun (FS) Outdoor TV’s. The SkyVue FS models are built for applications with Full Sun. Our FS line is a perfect fit for any outdoor application in shade, partial, or full sun. The FS models are made of high quality powder coated aluminum and manufactured in South Carolina, USA. We are proud to support our country and are working hard to keep electronics Made in America.

Partial Sun Series- 500 NIT OUTDOOR TV

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