The Pismo Fire Pit is a simple, yet gorgeous fire pit inspired by the beautiful cliffs of Pismo Beach in California. We are proud to bring the essence of these cliffs to your outdoor living space! 

In addition to a variety of colors/finishes, this product comes in four different sizes, with the 84" being the largest and hottest Fire Pit we offer.


*Our Fire Pits are Made in the U.S.A. 

Because of its handmade nature, slight variations in color and texture may occur.

Pismo Fire Pit

  • Model Size:           48"          60"        72"          84"

    Dimensions:          48x24"    60x24"   72x24"    84x24"

    Height:                  24"          24"         24"          24"

    Burning Area:        36x12     48x12     60x12      72x12

                                   x2"           x2"          x2"          x2"

    Weight:                 135 lbs    180 lbs   150 lbs    260 lbs

    BTUS:                   50,000    75,000    90,000    105,000

    Fire Glass sugg.    50 lbs      75 lbs     75 lbs      75 lbs

    Access Door:         yes          yes         yes          yes