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skyvue outdoor tv
skyvue outdoor televisions
SkyVue Outdoor TV’s takes outdoor entertaining to the next level. These televisions are built from heavy-duty powder coated aluminum, able to withstand the harshest weather elements, including rain, snow, dust, and high volumes of sun impact. SkyVue builds both residential and commercial models with various brightness and color options. Each television is designed, manufactured and assembled on-site to ensure the highest quality product.
Weatherproof Aluminum Housing
all weather television
Each SkyVue Outdoor TV is manufactured starting from a blank piece of aluminum. The tv’s are produced through 8 quality controlled production steps to create the most authentic Outdoor TV in the United States. 161,000 square feet of production facilities allow control over each step in the manufacturing process, creating the highest quality outdoor television in the market.
outdoor televison patio fireplace
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