LO-CHLOR Specialty Chemicals

  • Commercial Grade Chemicals
  • Algaecides
  • Clarifiers and Flocks
  • Phosphate and Enzyme Removers
  • Metal and Stain Removers
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Filter Cleaners
  • Liquid Solar Covers

Aqua Blanket

The liquid alternative to a solar cover.

Sanitizing & Balancing Chemicals

MTZ Unlimited has teamed up with DuraChlor pool chemicals by Haviland.  We have Basic Chlorine, Borate Blended Chlorine, and Balancing chemicals available.  Get what you need separately or save with a season's supply at the beginning of the pool year.  We have 3 levels of chemical programs available - Basic Chlorine, Standard Borate Blend, and Premium Borate Blend.  Choose the right program based on your pool volume and add in any needed specialty chemicals.

Borates make it better.

Water Balance

Keeping pool water pH from fluctuating (buffering) is a vital task — it ensures the water in the pool remains comfortable for bathers and doesn’t attack the vessel that contains it. Carbonates have been used for this purpose in the pool industry for many years.  Borates, less common than carbonates, perform a similar buffering function.

Starving Algae

Beyond the mission of keeping pH in its target range and therefore preventing scale and corrosion, borate products are used as algaestats (meaning they prevent algae, as opposed to killing it like an algaecide). They stop algae by limiting the supply of its chief nutrient, carbon dioxide.

Ease of Use

Borate additives are atypical of many pool chemicals in that they are not consumed over time. Once dissolved in water, the only way they exit the pool is by way of splash out and backwashing.

The Feel Factor

For pool service techs, borate is a mainly a tool for pH and algae control, but the benefit most popular with homeowners is how it makes the water look and feel.

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Call us at 716-794-3030 or reach us through our contact form to learn more about our services. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into an at-home oasis.

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