Loop-Loc Safety Covers

MTZ offers Loop-Loc mesh safety covers.  Loop-Loc has been leading the industry in safety covers since 1978 and has coined the name "elephant cover".  Their covers are strong enough to support an elephant and will keep your family safe all winter. Loop-Loc covers have been proven to exceed ASTM standards for safety swimming pool covers.  They have also earned the U.L. seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers.

MTZ will custom-fit a cover to any shape or size pool.  Loop-Loc offers many treatments to take care of any difficult situation.  Waterfalls are kept tight by their Cable-Loc system with a cable strung tight through the cover and attached to the waterfall rocks. Secure-A-Gap closes off dangerous openings such as those next to a raised spa so there's no way children or pets can get through. MTZ can replace any worn-out cover with a Loop-Loc and possibly even reuse the existing anchors in the deck.

Loop-Loc mesh safety covers don't just come in the standard green that you most commonly see.  They can be made in black, blue, gray, or tan to complement your outdoor decor.  MTZ will give you this option at no extra cost. Loop-Loc covers come with a 15-year pro-rated warranty.

The cover attaches to the deck with solid brass anchors that are brought up out of the deck when the cover is put on.  MTZ can install these anchors into concrete, stone, pavers, wood, and planted areas.  Waterfall rocks get a decorative stainless steel anchor that can be left in after the cover is removed.  Contact us today for an estimate.

Baby-Loc Safety Fences

MTZ offers Baby-Loc fencing made by Loop-Loc. Baby-Loc removable mesh pool fence is a convenient, cost-effective additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool. Baby-Loc meets all ASTM standards and U.S. consumer product guidelines with heights of 4 or 5 feet, to better protect your children.

MTZ can install Baby-Loc fencing around your entire pool or between two barriers to separate your pool from your children's outdoor play area. Self-closing gates can be installed anywhere and come with a reliable magnet latch. If no gate is wanted then MTZ can turn any portion of the fence into a gate opening. Parents can then unsnap the section and set aside for easy access.

Superior poly-coated, open-weave mesh black fabric offers visibility, high tensile strength and excellent UV stability. Won't rip, stretch or fade. Resists mildew, fungi and bacteria. And cleaning is a breeze!

  • Premium quad reinforced aluminum poles. They are noncorrosive, rust-proof, and color matched to our black fabric.
  • Solid brass double-ended latches with stainless steel spring-loaded trigger mechanism will never rust or corrode.
  • High-quality black polyester bonded thread adds strength and stability.

Baby-Loc fencing can be installed on decks made of concrete, stone, pavers, or wood. The holes get a decorative plastic sleeve that receives the aluminum poles. After the fence is removed then plastic caps fit snugly into the sleeves to keep out debris. Baby-Loc fencing is so durable it comes with a 5-year pro-rated warranty. Have MTZ come out and give you a quote.

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Call us at 716-794-3030 or reach us through our contact form to learn more about our services. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into an at-home oasis.

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