Does your pump match your pool?

The filter pump should be sized so that it turns over every gallon of water 4 times a day which would be every 6 hours in a 24-hour period.  For the average-sized pool this could be done with a 3/4 hp pump without a timer.  Most pools have a large pump consuming an unnecessary amount of electricity running on a timer that shuts it off for a portion of the day.  If the pump is not running then the pool is not filtering.

MTZ Unlimited can install the correct size pump based on the demands of your pool.  We will need to factor in plumbing size, heating requirements, chemical delivery, water features, and spa flow.  Once installed you will have a pump that will handle all your pool demands while consuming only the necessary amount of electricity.

Variable speed technology is changing the game.

Variable speed pumps allow complete control over the amount of water flow you give your pool.  This is great for pools with attached spas where you need a high rate of water flow to get the most out of the jets.  Waterfalls can now be adjusted to give the right amount of ambiance while relaxing next to the pool.  Deck Jets and fountains can be set to any height you wish at the push of a button.  After all that is over the flow can then be brought back to the exact amount needed to properly filter the pool while conserving electricity.  In the right situation, the pump will pay for itself!  Ask MTZ Unlimited if a variable-speed pump is the right pump for your pool.

The best filter for your pool. 

MTZ Unlimited can help you choose the filter that is best for you and your pool.  We factor in the required water flow and the customer's needs for water clarity and ease of maintenance.

Sand Filters

  • Least amount of maintenance requiring only a simple backwash about once a week
  • Least amount of filtration at 25 microns
  • Low maximum water flow restricting spas and water features

Cartridge Filters

  • Intermediate amount of maintenance requiring disassembly and cartridge cleaning about once a month
  • Intermediate amount of filtration at 15 microns
  • High maximum water flow great for spas and water features

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

  • Highest amount of maintenance requiring disassembly and extensive grid cleaning plus the addition of new earth about once a month
  • Highest level of filtration at 4 microns
  • High maximum water flow great for spas and water features

Fast Heating with Gas

Nowadays a pool heater has become a necessity.  A gas heater will give you the quickest temperature rise which may be necessary for making that last-minute decision to jump in your spa. Gas heaters are about 84% efficient while high-efficiency gas heaters reach about 96% efficient.  This gives you an idea of how much heat makes it into the water.  MTZ Unlimited will set you up with a heater that can run correctly on your existing gas line or install a new gas line to run the heater of your choice.  If natural gas is unavailable then a propane heater in the same model will work the same.

Efficient Heating with Electric

MTZ Unlimited offers AquaCal heat pumps which have been the leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturer since 1981.  Their proven design is very dependable and efficient allowing operation down below 50 degrees.  The efficiency of the heat pump offsets the higher cost of electricity saving money over a gas heater.  Couple a heat pump with a gas heater to get the benefits of energy saving and also on-demand heat when you need it for the best of both worlds.

Alternative Heating with Solar

Harness the energy of the sun and put it into your pool.  Solar pool heat can be a great way to help maintain a comfortable swimming temperature or used in conjunction with another heating type to help offset some of the cost.  Solar heat is best if used with a controller or set up with automation.  The panels can be installed on a nearby roof or on a ground structure.  There are also small plug-and-play models for small above-ground pools.   MTZ Unlimited can install the correct amount of panels for your pool size and connect a controller to gain the most out of it.

Salt is the Big Craze

Why buy chlorine when you can make it and have it put directly into your pool at the same time.  AutoPilot salt chlorine generators are the best way to do this.  Salt is dissolved directly into the pool water to a level barely detectable by taste.  The generator now takes that salt and turns it into chlorine inside the cell which is installed in the pool equipment plumbing.  The controller lets you adjust the amount of chlorine and watch the level of salt in the water.  This type of chlorine is less invasive to water chemistry than other traditional types.  The added bonus to salt is that you now have nice soft water that is easy on the skin and hair.  MTZ Unlimited can further educate you about this method of sanitizer and get you set up with the correct unit for your pool size and budget.

Total Control of Your Chemistry

Tired of constantly adjusting the pH in your pool?  Have MTZ Unlimited set you up with the AutoPilot Total Control unit to partner up with your salt chlorine generator.  You will have 2 sensors that will be constantly testing and adjusting your chlorine and pH levels for you.  All you have to do is test your pool once a week, adjust the unit, and refill your chemical tank.  No more guessing on the correct amount of chemicals to add or what level to run the chlorine generator.  Contact MTZ Unlimited to see if Total Control is right for you.

The Power of Ozone & UV Light

Ozone and UV light instantly inactivate 99.9% of microorganisms such as Crypto, Giardi, and algae which are resistant to chlorine. This minimizes your exposure to harmful chloramines and other contaminates which have been linked to asthma and other ailments.  This reduces the potential for skin irritation, red eyes, and bacterial born illnesses.  You can now reduce your chemical usage dramatically since your chlorine levels can now be reduced to the bare minimum and as a result the pH levels will not be affected much either.  AutoPilot offers the CoPilot ozone generator that can be added to their salt chlorine generator.  Ask MTZ Unlimited about a UV system that will work best for you.

Getting Chlorine in the Pool

When chlorine tablets are applied to the skimmer the first thing to see that concentrated dissolved chlorine is your filter equipment before it makes its way to the pool.  Chlorine is very caustic and will harm your equipment, especially your heater.  It makes sense to add the chlorine directly to the pool with a floating chlorinator or better yet an in line chlorinator installed in the system as the last thing before the water returns to the pool. The great thing about a chlorinator is that it can hold a large amount of tablets and is adjustable to add the right amount of chlorine. This is how chlorine should be added unless the chemical company claims it can go in the skimmer.  MTZ Unlimited would be happy to install a chlorinator on your equipment system.

Control your entire poll with the push of a button. 

MTZ Unlimited can fully automate your pool system.  This is a great option for complex systems with a spa, color lights, water features or any other electrical device you wish to control.  Have your attached spa programmed to circulate every day or turn on and start heating an hour before you get home to use it.  Have the option to choose which color you would like your pool lights to be when turned on.  Turn on waterfalls or other water features by simply pushing a button.  Hook up your landscape lighting to be programmed and controlled off the system.  The options are endless.  MTZ Unlimited will be able to match up the right system based on the manufacturer of your current equipment.  There are options for wireless and even to control it from your smartphone from anywhere!

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Call us at 716-794-3030 or reach us through our contact form to learn more about our services. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into an at-home oasis.

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